Lapis Lazuli: Meaning, Healing Properties and more

Countries of origin: Chile, Italy, USA, Middle East, Russia, Afghanistan

Hardness on Mohs scale: 5-6

Rarity: Common

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Libra

Birthstone Month: September

Chakras: Throat, third eye, crown

Planet: Venus

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Lapis lazuli meaning

The word "lapis lazuli" can be translated as "sky stone" or "heaven stone".  Lapis is Latin for stone whilst lazuli is from the medieval Latin word lazulum meaning either sky or heaven.

What does lapis lazuli look like?

Lapis lazuli, often know as lapis for short, is admired for its intense, rich blue colour. This stone contains small particles of pyrite, consequently golden sparkles can often be seen.

This colouring means this stone resembles the night sky making it easy to see how it got its's name.

Lapis lazuli in both tumbled and raw form

What is lapis lazuli used for?

Historians believe that for more than 6500 years lapis lazuli has been used by humans. In many ancient civilisations it was very much a treasured gemstone.  For example, funeral mask of Tutankhamun contains lapis lazuli. Furthermore, Cleopatra's used powdered lapis lazuli for her famous blue eyeshadow.  These civilisations prized it as much as other gemstones such as sapphires.

Lapis lazuli has been cut into beads, cabochons, inlays, and tablets in order to show off its rich, dark colour. In addition to jewellery, this stone was also a popular material for carving; creating objects such as game boards, bowls, dagger handles, hair combs, and amulets.

Lapis was the most expensive pigment available during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It was often reserved for depicting the robes of Angels or the Virgin Mary.

Today, this crystal is available in many forms such as jewellery and decorative ornaments.  We love this gorgeous blue crystal at Rafaelle, it's often one of the first ones we use when creating new designs.

What does the Bible say about lapis lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is mentioned in the Bible in several places.  Many scholars believe that the blue stone in the Bible is in fact lapis lazuli rather than sapphire.  It is thought that the stone that the ten commandments were engraved on could have been lapis lazuli and is also included in many of the translations of the Bible in the description of God’s throne.

“Above this surface was something that looked like a throne made of blue lapis lazuli. And on this throne high above was a figure whose appearance resembled a man.”
Ezekiel 1:26 New Living Translation

Cleansing and charging Lapis lazuli

All crystals should be cleansed when you first get them and then regularly after that.  They should also be charged to keep them at their full power.

Two of the most common ways to cleanse crystals is with water and with sunlight.

Can lapis get wet?

No, lapis lazuli should not be put into water.  Within lapis lazuli there is both calcite and pyrite.  Anything with a score lower than 5 on the Mohs hardness scale can be damaged by water. Although lapis lazuli has a score of 5-6, calcite is only a 3 meaning water will cause damage. Pyrite should not go in water due to it’s iron content, repeatedly getting it wet will cause it to rust and eventually crumble. For these reasons lapis lazuli is not water safe.

Can lapis lazuli go in sunlight?

Yes, lapis lazuli can go in the sun.  The sun causes some crystals to fade or even shatter but fortunately lapis lazuli is not one of these.  The sun also has the benefit of charging the crystals at the same time making at a quick and easy way to care for your lapis lazuli. 

For a more comprehensive guide check out this blog post: How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Lapis lazuli healing properties

Physical healing properties

  • Supports the immune, respiratory and nervous systems
  • Assists with female hormones, PMS and menopause
  • Relieves migraines, pain, vertigo and throat issues
  • Great for organs, bone marrow, larynx, thyroid and thymus problems
  • Benefits blood and blood pressure
  • Reduces hearing loss

Physical healing properties of lapis lazuli

 Emotional and mental healing properties

  • Eases depression, anxiety and stress
  • Encourages expression of feelings and emotions
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Promotes objectivity and clarity
  • Disperses anger
  • Relieves insomnia

Emotional and mental healing properties of lapis lazuli

 Metaphysical healing properties

  • Encourages compassion, honesty and inner truth
  • Boosts self-awareness, creativity and love
  • Blocks psychic attacks
  • Supports the development of metaphysical abilities and intuition
  • Great for both personal and spiritual power
  • Can be used to assist with dreamwork, spiritual journeying and manifestation
Lapis lazuli metaphysical healing properties

Affirmations for Lapis Lazuli

Affirmations are a great tool to use alongside crystals.  They can be used to set your intention and further personalise your journey of healing and growth.  Firstly, decide which of the many properties of lapis lazuli you feel is needed in your life at this current time.  Next, write down your affirmation as if it has already happening, in the present tense.  Remember your affirmation must be positive, for example rather than “I do not lie to try to get out of unwanted situations” write “I feel safe to be honest with others”.

Here are some examples you can use:

Examples of affirmations to use with lapis lazuli

Where do you put lapis lazuli in your home?

Lapis lazuli makes an excellent addition to your study or workspace.  Boosting creativity, objectivity, self-confidence and intuition whilst reducing stress and anxiety will place you in an excellent position to get on with the tasks in hand.

As a crystal the opens the third eye and crown chakra it is great to place in the area you use for meditation.  The ability of lapis lazuli to assist with the development of metaphysical abilities, inner truth and spiritual journeying make it a great crystal to meditate with.

What chakra is lapis lazuli good for?

Being a blue crystal lapis lazuli is most often associated with the throat chakra.  In addition to the throat chakra it also works on both the third eye and crown chakras.

How to use lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli can be used in an area of your house or placed within your energy field.

To be within your energy field a crystal can be:

  • Placed near you
  • In your pocket, wallet, purse or bag
  • Worn as jewellery or an accessory

The crystal’s energy will now be working to heal, improve your life.

Another option is to meditate with lapis lazuli.  You can either place it on one of your chakras or hold it in your hands.  This is especially powerful if you have a particular healing property you wish to receive.

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