Crystals for love

Crystals for Love


There are many crystals for love, these are my top 6, chosen to create a balance of healing and boosts to attract love whatever your situation.

When we talk about love we automatically think about romantic relationships, however this is not the only sort by a long way. Self-love is the foundation of all love. Self-love brings self-respect, self-confidence and many other important qualities. Therefore, without these, it becomes very difficult to receive love from others. When we do not value ourselves poor choices are made. Deep down do not believe we deserve to feel love from others.

Love can also be experienced between friends, family, animals and life itself.  The feeling of real love is one of the highest vibrations of emotions you can experience.  In accordance with the Law of Attraction the more love you send out the more you will receive creating a positive and creative space to live from.

Benefits of Self-Love

You will:

  • Have more energy.
  • Be able to truly love another.
  • Have more support.
  • Experience more health and vitality.
  • Have more confidence.
  • Have healthier relationships.
  • Be able to take more risks and have bigger rewards.
  • Have more clarity and insight.
  • Be free to enjoy more of this life.
  • Have more compassion for yourself and others.

How Crystals Can Help

Whether it is a new relationship you are looking for, to heal a current one, to improve your friendships or to boost your self-love there are crystals that can assist and support you.  To find and experience love in it's highest forms you must be ready to receive it into your life.  Crystals can help you to remove limiting beliefs and heal your heart whilst promoting your positive aspects.  This not only helps you to attract love but also to be able to hold onto it once found.

Crystals for Love

Rose Quartz

Raw rose quartz

Known as the "Stone of Unconditional Love".  Rose quartz opens the heart chakra to love in all it's forms. This crystal has the power to bring love into life and daily situations, lowering stress and anxiety.  It is a very soothing stone and is a great base to begin all healing from.



This crystal aids in transformation of the heart.  Malachite works quickly and diligently to clear away painful heartache and make way for new love.  It reminds you to keep a positive and optimistic outlook on life whilst opening your heart to all types of love.

 Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli

As a stone of communication this crystal brings honesty, compassion and harmony to a relationship.  Lapis lazuli can enhance and strengthening your relationships by helping to heal broken or injured bonds whilst encouraging truth and self-awareness. It supports being more comfortable and honest with your feelings, and enhances loving communication.  Lapis lazuli can help encourage confident and clear communication and active listening to prevent misunderstandings in your relationship.  In addiction to this lapis lazuli stimulates empathy which is vital in maintaining and strengthening all meaningful relationships.

 Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Known as the "Stone of Love and Luck" this crystal is great for boosting your chances of success, carrying this stone with you will increase your confidence and your luck at attracting new love into your life.  Also known as the "Stone of Abundance",  green aventurine attracts wealth and success in every part of your life, including romance and love. This crystal also activates the heart chakra.



Known as the "Stone of Forgiveness" it assists with letting go of any pain from a past relationship with an attitude of love and forgiveness as it gently cleanses you of hurt, anger, regret, resentment and bitterness.  It is one of the best stones for healing the heart and emotional trauma allowing new love to enter your life.


Raw citrine

Known as the "Stone of Success" citrine attracts love whist protecting against those who would break your heart. This crystal promotes self-esteem, self-confidence and increases your feeling of self-worth. Once you learn to love and truly appreciate yourself, you'll be able to open yourself up to receive love.

Crystal Jewellery for Love

We have created a range of jewellery that incorporates these 6 crystals to attract and promote all kinds of love in your life.

Love Bracelet with sterling silver extender chain.
Love Bracelet with Lava Rock

Love Pendant on a sterling silver chain


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