Crystals for Weight Loss

How do Crystals Help You Lose Weight?

 Healing crystals for weight loss helping you to make better choices.

Losing weight is tough.  All sorts of diets are tried, sadly some of them can be very harmful to health.  There are many different weight loss supplements, weight loss pills and other products out there.  They all promise to help you lose lots of weight.  However, what few of these tell you, is that it's really all down to you.  Whatever diet you are on only works if you stick to it (sounds obvious I know, but easy, definitely not).

Pills and supplements and even exercise really will not help you if you use them as an excuse to eat excessively.  What you really need is something to help you get your head in the right place, to help you stay in a positive mindset.  This way you loss weight in a healthy way therefore maintaining this new, healthy you, long term.

Crystal Weight Loss Jewellery and Accessories

Can you use healing crystals for weight loss? 

This is where crystals comes into their own.  Crystals will work to help you keep to your diet and exercise plan, encouraging you to make good choices and also to aid with creating new, healthier habits.  At Rafaelle we strongly believe in losing weight to become healthy in a healthy way.  This can take much more time and effort than some of the quick fixes out there.  However, isn’t it worth this extra time and effort if ultimately any excess weight both comes off and stays off?

Best Crystals for Weight Loss



Being hungry whilst trying to lose weight is horrible.  Its like you are fighting your own bodies needs in order to get healthy which is completely counter intuitive.  Apatite works as an appetite suppressant, helping you to stick to your healthy eating plan.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, a crystal for weight loss

This crystal increases self-esteem and encourages self-love.  Almost everybody who needs to lose weight will find it very difficult and it is easy to become frustrated with yourself and start believing negative things about yourself such as you can’t do it or don’t deserve to be healthy.  These negative thoughts are totally wrong and can easily end up sabotaging your weight loss attempts and can even lead to you gaining more weight as a result.  Rose quartz helps you to learn to love and respect yourself and understand you can so this.


Tumbled carnelian stone

Carnelian motivates, speeds up metabolism and attracts success.  The journey to healthy, long term weight loss is a long one.  This crystal will motivate you to keep going at whatever stage you are at.  Speeding up your metabolism gives your efforts an additional boost.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz, a crystal for weight loss.

Clear quartz is known as “The Master Healer” for very good reason.  As weight is lost this crystal will heal you both physically and emotionally.  It also boosts the power of the other crystals it is used with.


Amethyst, a crystal for weight loss.

Sunstone is another crystal that improves metabolism, again boosting your efforts.  It is also a very positive stone.  It promotes a positive mindset, with a positive mindset everything appears far more achievable helping you to stay on track.


Amethyst, a crystal for weight loss.

Being overweight is almost always caused by emotional issues.  Eating becomes a comfort, but there is then guilt attached.  This then leads to negative thoughts and then to overeating creating a negative cycle.  Being overweight means your body is not working at it best, so having the energy to sort this out can appear impossible.  Eating is also used as a celebration during special occasions meaning there is a reason to overeat for every circumstance.  Overeating and eating poorly can quickly become a habit, with the same cravings and difficultly to recover from as any addiction.  Amethyst is great for addiction recovery.  It breaks old eating habits leaving space to build new healthy ones.

How fast do you lose weight with crystals?

As the crystals themselves are supporting your efforts rather than directly causing you to loose weight the answer is, it depends on you.  The crystals are there to help you stay on your weight loss journey and to boost the efforts you make, the more effort you make the faster you will see results.

However, loosing weight fast is never the answer, not only is it unhealthy, but it also often results in the weight being put back on again.  Part of the reason for this is eating and exercising healthily needs to become a habit, loosing weight too quickly means there is not enough time to create these new habits.  Another reason is that in order to loose weight quickly it is often necessary to eat a very restrictive diet, this often then leads to hunger and cravings to eat unhealthily, undoing your good work.

Rather than being concerned about how fast you will lose weight with crystals, it makes more sense to think about how much more long term success you will have with your weight loss goals.

Crystal Weight Loss Jewellery and Accessories

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