All About Carnelian

Countries of origin: Brazil, Russia, India, Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, Uraguay, USA, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, Romania

Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide

Hardness on Mohs scale: 7

Rarity: Common

Zodiac Birthstone: Cancer, Leo

Chakra: Root, sacral

Planet: Sun

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The name carnelian comes from the latin word for flesh due to its deep orangy red colour. This crystal was used by the Egyptians to protect souls on their way to the afterlife. Jewellery has been created from carnelian for thousands of years and it was often used as a amulet for protection. Napoleon found an octagonal, inscribed carnelian seal on the battlefield in Egypt. He wore this ring at all times before leaving it to his nephew.

These days this popular semi-precious stone is available to purchase in various forms, whether you are looking for a big geode, tiny minimalist stud earrings or anything in between there is something to suit your lifestyle. Having carnelian in you life is incredibly beneficial, read on to find out how it could benefit you.

Carnelian's Healing Properties

Physical carnelian healing properties

Emotional carnelian healing properties

Spiritual carnelian healing properties

Find carnelian jewellery and accessories here.

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