Lava Stone Jewellery

This range of lava stone jewellery has the benefit of being able to diffuse essential oils. Essential oils not only smell great but also have their own healing properties too.  Essential oils are obtained easily online and in many health food shops.

The lava stone itself is associated with the root chakra.  Helping you to feel grounded and secure.  This is a great place for any healing to start.

The jewellery is simple in design. Sterling silver, crystals and lava beads are the only materials used in the designs.  As a result, this allows the natural beauty of the crystals to shine through.  Because crystals are natural products no two pieces of jewellery are identical.

The bracelets are all made to order to the required length.  There is a measurement guide in the photos section of each individual bracelet.  This is ultimately down to personal preference and only a guide.  Some people prefer a shorter then so their bracelet to sit closer to their skin, to have more contact with the crystals.

Crystals all have a range of healing properties; however these bracelets should never replace expert medical advice.

So look great, smell great and feel amazing with this lava stone jewellery.

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Showing 1–20 of 59 results