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Chakra keychain made from natural grade A quality crystal beads and 3mm sterling silver beads.

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Chakra keychain made from natural grade A quality crystal beads and 3mm sterling silver beads.

Root chakra – carnelian

Sacral chakra – tiger’s eye

Solar plexus chakra – yellow agate

Heart chakra – green aventurine

Throat chakra – lapis lazuli

Third eye chakra – amethyst

Crown chakra – clear quartz

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*This chakra keychain comes in a white organza bag, perfect for gifting or safe keeping.

* As all the jewellery I make uses genuine natural beads, they may not be 100% round and may vary slightly in both size and colour. I personally love this as I feel it adds to the natural, handmade style and uniqueness of each individual piece.

*Crystal jewellery looks great by itself or worn in combination with other jewellery. It is also a great addition to your meditation practice, yoga and chakra work.

Crystal jewellery and accessories are incredibly versatile appealing to a large range of people.  Some choose them for their natural beauty, some for the colours and others for their amazing healing properties.  Whatever reason you have been drawn to crystals there will be something to suit your individual requirements.

If you would like any advice please so not hesitate to contact us.

Crystals all have a range of healing properties; however this chakra keychain should never be used to replace expert medical advice.

Find out here how to cleanse and charge your crystals to ensure you have them running at full power.  This should be done when you receive your crystal jewellery then regularly after that.

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