Confidence Bracelet with Lava Stone


This handmade confidence bracelet with lava is made from 6 different 8mm crystal beads and lava stones. The crystals all work together to boost confidence in the wearer.

What is Infused with Reiki?



Confidence bracelet with lava made with natural Grade A quality crystal beads.

8mm crystal beads.

8mm Lava beads.

6mm sterling silver beads to finish.

Great for diffusing essential oils.

Available in a range of lengths.

Tiger’s eye -Releases fears and anxieties.

Sunstone – Enhances hidden talents.

Citrine – Reverses damage done to confidence by the words or actions of others.

Hematite -Blocks negativity.

Amethyst – Brings stray thoughts in order.

Carnelian – Improves self-worth.

Often we are capable of far more than we believe we are. It is often our own inner voice that prevents us from taking that next step forwards. This bracelet helps to overcome these insecurities. It repairs the damage already done to your confidence by events in our past. It then assists with keeping a positive can-do attitude when it is most needed. If you have a dream you wish to follow but keep finding reasons as to why you shouldn’t or can’t then this is the bracelet for you.

General Information

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*This confidence bracelet with lava comes in a black box, perfect for gifting or safe keeping.

* As all the jewellery I make uses genuine natural beads, they may not be 100% round and may vary slightly in both size and colour. I personally love this as I feel it adds to the natural, handmade style and uniqueness of each individual piece.

*Crystal jewellery looks great by itself or worn in combination with other jewellery. It is also a great addition to your meditation practice, yoga and chakra work.

A confidence bracelet and a confidence pendant are also available.

Crystal jewellery is incredibly versatile appealing to a large range of people.  Some choose to wear it for its natural beauty, some for the colours and others for the amazing healing properties.  Whatever reason you have been drawn to this jewellery there will be something to suit your individual requirements.

If you would like any advice please so not hesitate to contact us.

Crystals all have a range of healing properties; however this confidence bracelet with lava should never be used to replace expert medical advice.

Find out here how to cleanse and charge your crystals to ensure you have them running at full power.  This should be done when you receive your crystal jewellery then regularly after that.

Additional information

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Bracelet Length

6 Inches, 6.5 Inches, 7 Inches, 7.5 Inches, 8 Inches, 8.5 Inches


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