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Gift card redeemable at

Know someone how loves crystals but unsure about exactly what to get them?  Then why not get them a gift card and let them choose. These gift cards can be used anywhere in the shop and are available in a range of amounts making them the perfect gift for any lover of crystals.

The recipient is sent an email to enable them to redeem their gift card.

An email is sent to the recipient as soon as it is purchased and never goes out of date, ideal if you’ve left it to the last minute!!

Would like to learn more about crystals?  Check out our blog here.

If you would rather buy someone a piece of jewellery but are unsure which crystal would beneficial to them them please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.  With so many crystals available it can be daunting, we are always happy to help.  Crystals are zodiac birthstones so this can be a great place to start narrowing down which crystal to buy someone, especially as a birthday gift.

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