Bloodstone: meaning, healing properties and more

Bloodstone: Meaning, Healing Properties and more

Countries of origin: Brazil, China, Australia, India, Russia, Czech Republic

Hardness on Mohs scale: 7

Rarity: Common

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Libra and Pisces

Birthstone Month: March

Chakras: Root, Heart

Planet: Mars

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Bloodstone meaning

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope.  The name heliotrope comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “to turn the sun”.

It was believed by some that placing this crystal in water would cause the sun to turn red.

Legend has it that when Christ was crucified his blood fell to the ground splattering blood onto the jasper stones surrounding the base of the cross, hence the name bloodstone.

What does bloodstone look like?

Bloodstone is a dark green crystal with flecks of red.  It is opaque meaning you cannot see light through it.

bloodstone tumbles, raw and shaped

What is bloodstone used for?

Throughout history bloodstone has been used for it’s healing properties.  It was used in ancient times to cleanse homes and to ward off evil spirits and energies.  Prophetic intuits in Mesopotamia used bloodstone to see into the future.

Christians during the Middle Ages wore bloodstone in the form of carved trinkets and crucifixions to pay respect to Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

Athletes in Ancient Greece and Rome wore bloodstone whilst taking part in sports to boost their endurance.  Today, some athletes are beginning to use crystals such as bloodstone again to boost not only their endurance, but also strength, speed, concentration and much more.

Warriors wore this crystal as an amulet to protect themselves whilst in battle, it was seen as a symbol of justice and courage.

Jewellery has always been a popular use of bloodstone.  In the past noblemen wore bloodstone signet rings to seal their surname, or family crest, on essential letters and documents.  Nowadays bloodstone is made into tumble stones, beads and cabochons then used to create jewellery in many different and unique designs.

Cleansing and charging bloodstone

All crystals should be cleansed when you first get them and then regularly after that.  They should also be charged to keep them at their full power.

Two of the most common ways to cleanse crystals is with water and with sunlight.

Can I put bloodstone in water?

Crystals with a hardness of 5 or below on the Mohs scale cannot go in water as the water will damage them.  With a hardness of 7, water will not damage bloodstone so this is a safe way to cleanse this stone.

Can bloodstone go in sunlight?

Yes, bloodstone can go in sunlight, the sun will not cause it to fade.  However, leaving any crystal in direct sun for extended periods of time, especially in particularly hot areas is not a good idea.

For a more comprehensive guide check out this blog post: How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Bloodstone healing properties

Physical healing properties

  • Supports the bladder, kidneys, intestines, spleen, bone marrow and liver
  • Assists with metabolic processes
  • Benefits circulation and immunity
  • Heals infections
  • Great for female hormones, menstruation, PMS and childbirth
physical healing properties of bloodstone

Emotional and mental healing properties

  • Relives insomnia
  • Boosts energy, resilience and strength
  • Reduces irritability and aggressiveness
  • Helps with feelings of abandonment and loneliness
  • Encourages courage and patience
emotional and mental healing properties of bloodstone

 Metaphysical healing properties

  • Both grounding and protective
  • Assists with recognising that often chaos comes before transformation
  • Inspires love, trust and compassion
  • Encourages living in the present moment
metaphysical healing properties of bloodstone

Affirmations for bloodstone

Affirmations are a great tool to use alongside crystals.  They can be used to set your intention and further personalise your journey of healing and growth.  Firstly, decide which of the many properties of bloodstone you feel is needed in your life at this current time.  Next, write down your affirmation as if it has already happening, in the present tense.  Remember your affirmation must be positive, for example rather than “I do not feel tired” say “I have plenty of energy”.

Here are some examples you can use:

affirmations for bloodstone examples

Where do you put bloodstone in your home?

Place bloodstone next to your bed to aid a peaceful night’s sleep.  It’s calming energy alongside it’s grounding properties will help you get into a healthy sleep state for the night.

The properties of attracting prosperity, patience, courage, energy and resilience make it an excellent crystal for anyone starting a new business.  Place on your desk for extra support in these areas.

What chakra is bloodstone good for?

Bloodstone can be used to balance both the root chakra and the heart chakra.  Many issues involving relationships often also involve not feeling safe or grounded.  This is an ideal stone for this helping to make you feel protected and safe to open up your heart to giving and receiving love.

How to use bloodstone

Bloodstone can be used in an area of your house or placed within your energy field.

To be within your energy field a crystal can be:

  • Placed near you
  • In your pocket, wallet, purse or bag
  • Worn as jewellery or an accessory

The crystal’s energy will now be working to heal, improve your life.

Another option is to meditate with bloodstone.  You can either place it on one of your chakras or hold it in your hands.  This is especially powerful if you have a particular healing property you wish to receive.

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