Rose quartz: meaning, healing properties and more

Rose Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties and more

Countries of origin: India, Japan, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, United States

Hardness on Mohs scale: 7

Rarity: Very common

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra

Birthstone Month: January

Chakras: Heart, higher heart

Planet: Venus

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Rose quartz meaning

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love for good reason.  It is literally all about matters of the heart.  Love comes in many forms, self-love, romantic, friendship, family etc, this crystal attracts, heals and improves all of these.

Grief is the loss of someone or something you love, so again rose quartz is very beneficial to use when working through grief.

What does rose quartz look like?

Rose quartz is a translucent crystal (you can see light but not shapes through it).  It ranges in colour from a very pale pink, almost white, to a deep rose pink.

Rose quartz raw, tumbled, sphere and tower

What is rose quartz used for?

In ancient Egypt Isis, the goddess of life, motherhood and fertility was said to have used rose quartz for it’s metaphysical properties.

It is known that around 800-600 BC the Assyrians were making rose quartz jewellery.

Rose quartz is now an extremely popular crystal.  It is easily obtainable and found in many different forms.  It is often worn as jewellery, carved into small heart shapes and made into tumble stones that can be carried around in a pocket. It is even possible to buy a bath carved out of rose quartz!!

Cleansing and charging rose quartz

All crystals should be cleansed when you first get them and then regularly after that.  They should also be charged to keep them at their full power.

Two of the most common ways to cleanse crystals is with water and with sunlight.

Can rose quartz get wet?

Any crystal with a harness of 5 or less on the Mohs scale should not be placed in water.  Rose quartz, with a hardness of 7 is safe to cleanse in water and will not be damaged.

Can rose quartz go in sunlight?

Rose quartz will fade in the sun losing it’s colour.  This will not effect the healing properties, however most would still find this undesirable.

For a more comprehensive guide check out this blog post: How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Rose quartz healing properties

Physical healing properties

  • Supports the heart, kidneys, lungs and adrenals
  • Boosts fertility
  • Assists with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and senile dementia
  • Great for burns, the circulatory system and vertigo
  • Benefits pregnancy
Physical healing properties of rose quartz

 Emotional and mental healing properties

  • Aids with the release of suppressed emotions
  • Reduces tension, anxiety, fear and anger
  • Great for emotional wounds and trauma
  • Supports recovery from addiction
  • Assists with the healing of grief
Emotional and mental healing properties of rose quartz


 Spiritual healing properties

  • Attracts love in all it’s forms
  • Encourages trust, sensitivity and empathy
  • Boosts self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance and forgiveness of self
  • Brings harmony and peace
Metaphysical healing properties of rose quartz

Affirmations for rose quartz

Affirmations are a great tool to use alongside crystals.  They can be used to set your intention and further personalise your journey of healing and growth.  Firstly, decide which of the many properties of rose quartz you feel is needed in your life at this current time.  Next, write down your affirmation as if it has already happening, in the present tense.  Remember your affirmation must be positive, for example rather than “I am going to find love” say “I have found love”.

Here are some examples you can use:

Affirmations for rose quartz

Where do you put rose quartz in your home?

Where you should place rose quartz in your home really depends on what you wish to benefit from.

In the centre of the home will assist with a peaceful, harmonious home, full of love and positive relationships.  Place a piece next to your bed to help you wake up feeling good about yourself with your self-worth and self-love boosted.

Equally rose quartz can be placed by the entrance to attract a new relationship into your home.

What chakra is rose quartz good for?

Rose quartz is the stone of love and therefore perfect for the heart chakra.  Any blocks or imbalances within the heart chakra can be worked on with rose quartz.  It is also great for the higher heart chakra.  The higher heart is between the heart and throat chakra and is all about divine love.

How to use rose quartz

Rose quartz can be used in an area of your house or placed within your energy field.

To be within your energy field a crystal can be:

  • Placed near you
  • In your pocket, wallet, purse or bag
  • Worn as jewellery or an accessory

The crystal’s energy will now be working to heal, improve your life.

Another option is to meditate with rose quartz.  You can either place it on one of your chakras or hold it in your hands.  This is especially powerful if you have a particular healing property you wish to receive.

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