Crystals for addiction

Crystals for Addiction Recovery

What is Addiction?

What is addiction?When looking at crystals for addiction recovery we must first identify exactly what addiction is.  When the word addiction is used it is often associated with illegal drugs or being an alcoholic.  However, there are so many addictions it would be near impossible to cover them all here.  The official definition according to Oxford dictionaries is:

“the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity”

On the surface some addictions may not seem to be an issue such as an addiction to exercise.  The issue becomes clear when you see how it negatively affects other aspects of their life.  Addiction puts focus so heavily on one area of your life the other areas are then neglected.  On top of this many addictions are also extremely harmful to health.

Most addiction stems from an attempt to escape from experiencing an aspect of reality the person if finding painful; physically, emotionally or both.  Even if the original pain that was being escaped from no longer exists, physical reliance can then make it increasingly difficult to recover from the addiction.

Crystal Addiction Recovery Jewellery and Accessories


From the World Health Organisation website:

  • The harmful use of alcohol results in 3.3 million deaths each year.

  • On average every person in the world aged 15 years or older drinks 6.2 litres of pure alcohol per year.

  • Less than half the population (38.3%) actually drinks alcohol, this means that those who do drink consume on average 17 litres of pure alcohol annually.

  • Some 31 million persons have drug use disorders.

  • Almost 11 million people inject drugs, of which 1.3 million are living with HIV, 5.5 million with hepatitis C, and 1 million with both HIV and hepatitis C.

How Crystals for Addiction Can Help Recovery

Healing crystals can be used to assist with the various aspects of recovering from an addiction.  They will not do it for you, you will need to put in the work but they will ease the symptoms, boost willpower and encourage you to start a fresh life.  They can also help with healing both the original causes which lead to the addiction and the damage done.


A piece of raw amethyst, amethyst for addiction recovery

Recovery from any addiction requires an enormous amount of willpower.  Amethyst increases willpower to overcome the addiction. Amethyst also helps with withdrawal symptoms.


A piece of raw citrine, citrine for addiction recovery

Addiction completely takes over your life.  It becomes your main thought and everything in your life becomes about the thing you are addicted to.  To overcome addiction, you must reinvent yourself to a certain extent, become a new healthier, more balanced person.  Citrine is capable of resurrecting the wearer with a new set of ambitions, goals, likes and dislikes, citrine enables an addict to turn over a new leaf.

Smoky Quartz

A piece of raw smoky quartz, smoky quartz for addiction recovery

Overcoming an addiction can appear to be a massive obstacle, smoky quartz balances the lower chakras assisting with overcoming obstacles whilst also being a soothing and mood lifting crystal.  It also heals removing toxins from the body.


Pieces of tumbled malachite in a bowl, malachite for addiction recovery

Cravings for the item you are addicted to makes overcoming addiction much more difficult.  They can easily lead you to become obsessed by it and then it becomes much harder to resist.  Malachite removes unnatural cravings to any kind of substance from food to drugs.


Pieces of tumbled hematite in a bowl, hematite for addiction recovery

One of reasons addiction is so hard to overcome is the withdrawal symptoms.  Mental, emotional and physical symptoms can be extreme and knowing that all you need to do to stop them is to return to the addictive substance can easily create a seemingly impossible cycle to get out of.  Hematite is great for withdrawal symptoms, easing them meaning staying away from the substance you are addicted to that bit easier.

Tiger's Eye

Pieces of tumbled tiger's eye in a bowl, tiger's eye for addiction recovery

Boosts your passion so reducing boredom (as addiction feeds on your boredom). It also presents new opportunities to release your past life and move forwards with a refreshed positive energy.

Crystal Addiction Recovery Jewellery and Accessories

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